Implant Gallery

Implants Gallery

Implants are a very good option for replacing a single tooth or many teeth. This gallery is designed to show you some of the uses of dental implants.


  • The patient had an old Maryland bridge loosen. He decided not to remake it and chose instead to replace the tooth with an implant supported crown.
  • This shows the implant after it was placed on the day of treatment.
  • This shows the crown placed on the implant about five months after the implant was placed.
  • The crown on the implant four years after its placement. The patient has been happy and comfortable with the result.
  • This patient is an 85 year-old who had a lower front tooth extracted. He could not tolerate a removable denture.
  • After placement of the mini implant.
  • An implant was placed, and the crown was placed on top of the implant. This is a digital xray image of the implant with the new crown ten days after the implant was placed.
  • Photo of the permanent crown on the mini implant about two weeks after the mini implant was placed.
  • This patient had a root canal treatment on a molar fail. As a result, the tooth had to be extracted.
  • After the implant has been placed.
  • A ceramo-metal crown was placed on the implant about five months later.
  • A digital x-ray image showing the crown in place on the implant about four years later.